New Swedish tech company changing recruitment market

2 min readMay 9, 2019


Swedish HR-Tech startup exparang goes live as of today — exparang is a cloud-based platform seamlessly matching candidates to strategic positions.

Stockholm 9 May 2019 exparang is open for business as of today. With a team based in Stockholm and Warsaw, exparang has developed an interactive cloud-based platform for enterprises and professionals to anonymously exchange critical recruitment intel, match and connect. Professionals use exparang to discreetly access the right career opportunities. Search firms and employers use exparang to find and engage with the right candidates. One of the main benefits of using exparang is uncovering unbiased matches that are hidden for, or blocked by, the conventional methods of sourcing great candidates and career opportunities.

Built on its proprietary AI enabled matching technology, data driven assessment methodology and 25 years of executive search industry experience, exparang is well-positioned to drive innovation in career management and talent acquisition in the rapidly transforming global executive search market. Exparang has designed its SaaS-based business model to amplify client value in quickly uncovering high quality matches.

“People, enterprises and society need a better way to match leaders with tomorrows’ opportunities and challenges. We need to get rid of the obstacles for professional growth and enable equal access to career opportunities and unbiased recruitment matches.” says Co-founder and CEO Carl Schander.

Developed for international use and connecting directly with the sources, exparang cuts through the noise and creates value as an unbiased, secure and timely intermediary between executives, specialists and other high impact professionals and the markets for their knowledge, network and competencies.

“Peak performance happens when you experience professional flow. Many aspire to opportunities that would give them more flow but are stuck in circumstances. Others leave the party too late and miss opportunities for personal growth. Today private and professional life is becoming more integrated, and therefore we need to help people thrive both as professionals and private individuals.” says Co-founder and CMO Filip Strömbäck.

Exparang’s mission is to enable exceptional talent decisions and continuous access to professional flow by becoming the global leader in matching career opportunities with aspirations in the market for strategic high impact positions.

”Let’s stop wasting time, money and potential on usual suspects, detours and dead ends. Enterprises and professionals alike need to leverage new technology to automatically source, match and assess each other.” says Co-founder and CTO Paweł Konon.

The journey together with clients, partners and users starts today at

For more information, contact:

Carl Schander, CEO and Co-founder

Filip Strömbäck, CMO and Co-founder

Paweł Konon, CTO and Co-founder




Leading platform matching career aspirations with global opportunities. Enabling proactive career management and unbiased candidate sourcing for key positions.