New Partnership for Personalised Career Management

Exparang partners with The Roll, a leading human capital consultancy, to offer members tailored coaching to help navigate their careers

Today we are happy to announce that we have partnered with The Roll, a leading executive coaching provider to offer customised career coaching exclusively to our members.

Carl Schander — CEO and Cofounder of Exparang

”At Exparang, we open doors to self-fulfillment. Over time, we want to give our members access to personally meaningful and rewarding professional opportunities. It’s our ambition to provide members with a palette of career management services to help them reach their goals. Thanks to our partnership with The Roll, our members can now find help in navigating their careers and deciding on which doors to open”, says Carl Schander, CEO and Co-Founder of Exparang.

The Roll is a human capital consultancy creating and delivering high caliber coaching programs for C-suite individuals, universities and companies such as Electrolux, Nordea, Pfizer and The Stockholm School of Economics. The career development coaching is designed for private individuals who are seeking to make a career change, get a promotion, find fulfillment in their work and develop as professionals and leaders.

Grant Calder — CEO and Cofounder of The Roll

”At The Roll, we coach people to realize their full potential personally, professionally and as leaders. When it comes to career path coaching our ambition is to provide a structured process, which combines pragmatic tools and deep reflection to get results. Thanks to our partnership with the talented, ambitious and magic Exparang team, we can combine coaching with their AI driven recruitment platform to achieve the highest client aspirations and great matching opportunities!”, says Grant Calder, CEO & Co-Founder of The Roll.

For more information, please contact:

Carl Schander, CEO and Co-founder

About Exparang

Exparang’s vision is to empower all to reach for their full potential. We open doors for personalised career management and unbiased candidate sourcing in the global market for executive, board, advisory and other leading high impact positions.

We are an innovative HR-Tech company that is reengineering executive search with a modern AI-enabled platform for exceptional data driven recruitment matching. The result is radically faster and more diverse recruitment matches at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.

Companies use Exparang to instantly connect with an unbiased selection of strong and motivated candidates for key position searches. Our anonymised members are leaders and seasoned professionals, who rely on Exparang to continuously, proactively and discreetly access personalised career opportunities for more self-fulfilment.

Imagine the right opportunities finding the right people at the right time. For more, please visit Exparang and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.



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