Exparang closes seed round

Swedish HR-Tech startup exparang has completed its first seed funding round with a group of high-profile business angels and tech partner VNTRS

Stockholm 17 April 2020 — Today exparang is happy to announce that it has successfully completed a first seed funding round with a group of select business angels and tech partner VNTRS.

“This marks a new chapter for exparang. With the support from our new investors we are now thrilled to be able to gear up and move full speed ahead towards realizing our vision of becoming the global leader in matching career aspirations with opportunities in the market for high impact positions.” says Co-founder and CEO Carl Schander.

In the next phase of developing the product, exparang is proud to partner with VNTRS (Ventures) — a Stockholm based digital consulting company and seed investor that works in the interface between digital product development and investments in technology companies.

“We were very impressed with the exparang team holding extensive experience in the executive search industry. Combining that with a tech platform offering candidates a smooth and professional experience we are very optimistic about exparang!” says Viktor Gällström, Investment Manager and Co-founder at VNTRS.

Stay tuned for exparang 2.0 — set for release in August!

For more information, contact:

Carl Schander, CEO and Co-founder carl@exparang.com +46 70 663 93 39

Filip Strömbäck, CMO and Co-founder filip@exparang.com +46 70 338 08 80

Paweł Konon, CTO and Co-founder pawel@exparang.com +48 60 230 18 00

About exparang

For professionals and enterprises who struggle to find each other, exparang has built an interactive and unbiased privacy based matching platform for key position recruitments. Unlike the conventional methods of finding great career opportunities and candidates, exparang offers anonymised peer-to-peer matching for timely, discreet and equal access to more, faster and better career and recruitment matches at radically lower costs. For more information please visit exparang.com

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