Regardless of what our occupation is, chances are we got there through some sort of recruitment process, formal or informal, that ended in a hiring decision. This makes the recruitment process one of the most common and relatable processes we’ll face throughout our career. …

Swedish HR-Tech startup exparang has completed its first seed funding round with a group of high-profile business angels and tech partner VNTRS

Stockholm 17 April 2020 — Today exparang is happy to announce that it has successfully completed a first seed funding round with a group of select business angels…

Det svenska HR-techbolaget exparang och Svenskar i Världen lanserar idag ett nytt samarbete för att förbättra näringslivets förmåga att tillvarata utlandssvenskars kompetens och erfarenheter.

Stockholm 17 maj 2019 — Idag lanserar exparang och Svenskar i Världen, ett samarbete som ska hjälpa utlandssvenskar att ta del av karriärmöjligheter i Sverige.



Leading platform matching career aspirations with global opportunities. Enabling proactive career management and unbiased candidate sourcing for key positions.

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