Exparang partners with The Roll, a leading human capital consultancy, to offer members tailored coaching to help navigate their careers

Today we are happy to announce that we have partnered with The Roll, a leading executive coaching provider to offer customised career coaching exclusively to our members.

The way high impact professionals choose to manage and pursue their careers is changing rapidly and fundamentally. It’s hard for companies to keep up with the pace, adjust to the new key position market and stay ahead of the talent curve. In times of uncertainty, as the current pandemic, it becomes even more critical to hire the right people.

Covid-19 has without doubt challenged every aspect of work-life and we have to accept that it will never fully go back to the way it was. For recruiting, the pandemic has definitely had an impact on both strategy and operations. …

Exparang is happy to announce that Valérie Pedersén strengthens the management team as CPO

Valérie Pedersén comes with a wealth of tech experience and has most recently been advising a wide range of clients on Product strategy and growth as Co-founder of a Stockholm based IT agency. Her previous experience includes Product management and business development roles for Sqore and Netlight Consulting.

” I’ve been following Exparang’s journey for a while and have been very inspired by their mission to disrupt the executive search market and make it more accessible. In addition, the technical platform that they’ve built is impressive…

Instead of passively waiting for the perfect opportunity to find you, take full ownership of your career and lead the way yourself. We at Exparang have some advice that will place you in pole position.

1 Be where the action is — Basic networking starts with proximity or commonalities, which tend to result in breakfasts and casual coffees with our closest circle of colleagues and peers. But while on-the-job relationships are ever so important, it’s more likely the distant connections you haven’t yet explored that add the most new value. To find them you have to make yourself visible. Enhance…

While we spend weeks, months, years (!) strategizing and risk mitigating to secure the future of our employers, we rarely take the time to consider what our own professional strategy looks like. Few leaders would bet their business’ prosperity on chance, so why doesn’t the same rule apply to our own success?

Here are some reasons why proactive career management matters and why you need to get on top of it to charge your professional flow.

1 Create stability in times of uncertainty — Despite what we might tell ourselves, we are never in total control. A recession hits, a…

Swedish HR-Tech startup exparang has completed its first seed funding round with a group of high-profile business angels and tech partner VNTRS

Stockholm 17 April 2020 — Today exparang is happy to announce that it has successfully completed a first seed funding round with a group of select business angels and tech partner VNTRS.

“This marks a new chapter for exparang. With the support from our new investors we are now thrilled to be able to gear up and move full speed ahead towards realizing our vision of becoming the global leader in matching career aspirations with opportunities in the…

Det svenska HR-techbolaget exparang och Svenskar i Världen lanserar idag ett nytt samarbete för att förbättra näringslivets förmåga att tillvarata utlandssvenskars kompetens och erfarenheter.

Stockholm 17 maj 2019 — Idag lanserar exparang och Svenskar i Världen, ett samarbete som ska hjälpa utlandssvenskar att ta del av karriärmöjligheter i Sverige.

”Exparang har byggt ett verktyg som förenklar och underlättar för ledande befattningshavare som önskar ta utmanande eller okonventionella karriärsteg. Att kunna hjälpa expats att dra nytta av sin utlandserfarenhet inför en flytt mellan marknader är en viktig del i vårt arbete med att skapa förutsättningar för smidig karriärplanering. …

Swedish HR-Tech startup exparang goes live as of today — exparang is a cloud-based platform seamlessly matching candidates to strategic positions.

Stockholm 9 May 2019 exparang is open for business as of today. With a team based in Stockholm and Warsaw, exparang has developed an interactive cloud-based platform for enterprises and professionals to anonymously exchange critical recruitment intel, match and connect. Professionals use exparang to discreetly access the right career opportunities. Search firms and employers use exparang to find and engage with the right candidates. …


Leading platform matching career aspirations with global opportunities. Enabling proactive career management and unbiased candidate sourcing for key positions.

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